Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Journal #9: First graders with iPads?

Getting, S., & Swainey, K. (2012). First graders with ipads?. Learning & leading with technology, 40(1), 24-27. Retrieved from www.iste.org/Store/Product.aspx?ID=2515

Summary: This article talked about how two teachers from Minnesota decided to give their first-graders iPads with hopes to improve student reading and improve their digital skills. The students were grouped based on their ability. The iPads served a number of purposes. For instance, students would record themselves reading a story, then would swap their iPad with a fellow classmate so they could listen along. There were also different apps that were used to improve reading and vocabulary, such as Sight Words, Talking Tom, and Glow Draw. However, using the iPads did cause a few problems in the classroom. These problems included, but were not limited to, cost, noisy apps, and time constraints. However, in the end, these teachers concluded that iPads truly make a positive difference in student learning.

Question 1: Would I use the iPad in my classroom?

I would only use the iPad in my classroom for grades 3 and above. Although I think iPads can benefit students of all ages, I think it is too risky to introduce such young children to this type of technology. Children who are this young are more prone to damaging the iPad. Furthermore, I feel like younger children would see the iPad as more of a toy rather than a learning device.

Question 2: How would I go about using the iPad in my classroom?

I would find useful apps for every subject and download them onto the iPads. These apps would not be meant to teach a full lesson, but to supplement one. They would most likely be used after a lesson was already taught. For instance, if I taught a vocabulary lesson, I could have my students go on freerice.com to test their vocabulary range. I could also use tools like Google Earth or Cosmographia to provide more in depth information with what I am teaching about.

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